Sunday, 1 May 2011

Escape Plan...

Had an update on the weather from Karel this morning and it looks like the following week is going to be very much the same as yesterday, strong off shore winds from the east. I then asked Karel to look for any small windows in the weather where we may be able to make a break from where we are back to the mainland so that we can to continue to work up the coast and then across Donegal Bay.

So our plan is to get ready and then sit and wait for the wind to ease this afternoon (hopefully) and at least try to get around to Clare Harbour, if not further. We spent an uncomfortable night last night sleeping on a rocky ledge just above the kayaks; but we had a treat when, whilst cooking dinner a full grown male otter (we know he was a male because he was smoking a pipe) walked through our camp as bold as brass. The old boy must have been short sighted, he stopped to sniff the air several times along the way but the wind direction was all wrong for a stealthy approach, over a metre in length from nose to tail. Harry kicked the cook pot to get a better view and off he scarpered into the sea, a treat that we managed to capture on film.

Cheers for now
Jeff and Harry

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