Saturday, 30 April 2011

DAY 9 : Nestled in the arms of Grace O'Malley,-10.04477&ll=53.79019,-10.04477&ie=UTF8&z=12&om=1

We had to make an unexpected rough water landing today. We left Inishturk at about 9.20am and started to cross to Clare Island. Clare Island was the hideaway of the Pirate Queen 'Grace O'Malley'.

The winds were fresh when we left but half way over increased to about 30 knots with stronger squalls coming through regularly. Unable to make way into the wind and tide we dropped down below the west end of Clare and then found ourselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

Continual down drafts off the steep slopes of Knockmore mountain almost had us both over whilst we considered our options which were exasperated by the fact that I had strained a muscle in the shoulder during the crossing. We decided to make a difficult landing on the south western tip of the island, a decision not made lightly given the wind conditions, large swell and the weight of our kayaks; after swimming our boats ashore, we are now hanging clothes and gear out to dry on the rocks. Hopefully we will be able to relaunch from our position as long as the swell doesn't increase too much and continue on later.
A message for Espe from Harry- he loves his new cowboy hat and sends you a kiss.

Love to friends and family

Jeff and Harry


  1. Hi Jeff and Harry

    Lovely to meet you both on Inisheer the other day.
    Hope all is going well, and your keeping good time!
    Had a look at your website, looks like you guys have been to some beautiful places!
    Thanks again (no further burning occurred :)

    Vivien and Helen

  2. HI Jeff and Harry
    Just been catching up on the blogs - glad its going well. Sounds like you need to find room for a barrel of Guinness in the kayak for those nights when there's no pub nearby!
    Glad its going well. The progress looks brilliant when you zoom out on the Google map and see how far you've got.
    Lots of luck and best wishes
    Rod and Alex