Sunday, 1 May 2011

DAY 10 : Free of the Pirate Queen - don't mean Harry....

We got up early this morning, it wasn't just by choice, an uncomfortable bivvy on cold hard rock made for a restless night. We received an email update from Karel (the wonder of modern technology and the IPhone) the fore cast was grim. So we responded by asking if he could research and find a slight window in the weather that would make it possible to scoot across to Achill Sound. He found a small opportunity around mid day where the wind would drop to around 15 knots. We launched at 10.30 and worked our way to the east of Clare Island, staying as close to the eddie line as the swells would allow and just as we pulled level with the harbour the wind eased and we went for it. Karel was spot on, just as we entered the sound and the tide started to make again, the wind picked up once more. Happy to be free of the Pirate Queen, as enchanting as Clare island is, it's nice to be moving once more.

Now waiting impatiently at Achill Sound for the tide to turn so we can head on...,-9.92023&ll=53.93335,-9.92023&ie=UTF8&z=12&om=1

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