Tuesday, 10 May 2011

DAY 19 : Thieves in the night

We Left from Port Balantrae at about 8.30 ish this morning, after we discovered that during the night thieves had paid a visit. 

Harry had all of his safety equipment, tow line, flares and all round white strobe taken and I had the SPOT locator, my tidal stream atlas and tide table stolen, as well as my green welly boots. The blighters must have decided to play with the buttons of the spot and pressed 'OK' ; the police have this spot location and with luck, the eejets might have revealed their location. 

Not the best start to the day.

We set off on the flood and made is as far as Tor Head before the tide turned and we were headed. We passed in close to the Giants Causeway and passed under the rope bridge as people above crossed over. The tide flows strong between Rathlin and the mainland and we paddled through several overfalls. From Tor Head we had to work the eddy line all the way to the mouth of Larne Harbour where we arrived about 25 minutes ago. It's now half past midnight and we are going to sleep, both feeling a little bit damp around the edges. 

Anyone who spots a fella wearing green welly boots - selling safety equipment on the cheap.....

Jeff and Harry


  1. genius criminals at work here then ....keep up the good work...

  2. Hi Jeff. I've paddled with you at a couple of Tollymore events (Level 5 course and recently Paddlefest on your Incident Management session). Blue Nordkapp. I live in Portaferry. If you're landing nearby I could put you up this eve, but unfortunately not Thurs eve as I leave for Scotland at 4am Fri. Anyway, please text me your exact location this eve and your proposed departure time on Thurs am - I'd at least like to pop over to say Hi, and paddle with you for 10 mins (or as long as I can keep up!) I won't hold you back. Been watching your fantastic progress with interest! Will Brown. 07773 657447.