Monday, 9 May 2011

DAY 18 : Blisters and Gales

We left Port Rush at 0530 this morning, hoping we would possibly get around the Giants Causeway. Before we got to Port Balintrae we had decided to abort, severe squalls and down gusts gave us a sound indication of what the up and coming coast line was going to be like. 

A further problem seems to be developing with my hands, blistering and ulcers have been appearing on the backs of both hands over the last week and one series of anti biotics have failed to negate the issue.  Seen the Doc today and she diagnosed that it is possibly an allergy to something (not the wind I hope ;)) which has then become infected; so she administered penicillin intravenously and prescribed anti histermine and a further course of anti biotics. 

Rested and slept most of the day, back into the grind tomorrow. 

Jeff and Harry 

Paddlers Paws?


  1. Been there, done that. I had sun allergy in Korea. It was itching like hell when i got off the water and when entering in a warmer environment (restaurant or tent). It was f******* annoying, i still get angry when i think about it. :)

  2. Hi Guys. We have been watching your progress and you are doing an incredible job. We have a newly opened boatstore at Whitehead/County Antrim Yacht Club which you are welcome to use when you get this far. Its at the mouth of Belfast Lough and would be a good stopping poit before you cross. We have showers, kitchen and bar too which you are welcome to use FOC. Raymond+Dave

  3. Hi David. Many thanks for the offer. I will let Jeff and Harry know. Not sure they have mobile coverage this evening. But I will pass the message on...don't offer them the bar, they won't leave :)

  4. Have had similar problems before. In the states it is called sun poisoning. Try a barrier between you hands and the sun. Zinc based sun blocks help, keeping the hands covered is best, even in camp.

  5. Wow, if that is sun allergy how would Jeff and Harry fair here Downunder?
    We have the most ferocious sun on earth and to prevent skin cancer most of us always paddle with gloves even if water temps are 27C...
    I hope you guys get fixed up fast.

  6. Hey Harry & Jeff, Looks like you didn't make too much progress today, could have been the gales, though when I looked at the map I saw the reason why.... you stopped far too close to Bushmills!
    Seriously though, take it easy out there. I might try to meet up with ye at the end. Pat R.

  7. i noticed the bushmills stop off....something that didnt make the blog???