Sunday, 8 May 2011

DAY 17 : R and R

We had a lay in this morning, the batteries needed recharging and with 30 knots of offshore wind, we figured this morning was as good a time as any. We made use of the time to dry out sleeping bags and clothes, and for minor chores like disposing of  rubbish that had built up in our kayaks over the last 16 days. We then hooked up with Vaughan to pass on data cards having not seen him for the last few days. We all headed out to find a cafe for some breakfast but everywhere was closed except for the Radisson Hotel; we felt out of place entering such a top notch hotel for brekky, both being in such a bad state of disrepair. In fact Harry is looking exceptionally rough at the moment and was sporting a pair of dodgy pyjama bottoms for trousers - not perfect attire for a four star. 

However the staff at the hotel were exceptionally accommodating and friendly, in fact the Matre de, Patricia Ferguson offered us a free breakfast; she was delighted to hear that we were raising money for the Ovarian Cancer Action. We shall donate the equivalent amount of the breakfast to the OVC, for and on behalf of the Radisson hotel. Thank you Patricia.

We set off about 13.00 and made it as far as Port Rush before deciding to pull off the water, the Giants Causeway was looking very reminiscent of the cliffs on the south side of Donegal Bay, gusts in excess of 35 knots were whipping across the bay. We hooked up with good friend Claire Laverty for a quick pint, before our fish and chip supper - al fresco. 
Tomorrows another day. All's good and looking forward to heading south.

Al Fresco Dining

Jeff and Harry


  1. all downhill now....simples

  2. brilliant re the Radisson... hope you have pictures :-)