Saturday, 7 May 2011

We Surrender...

We left from the Fadan Peninsular early this morning, this was after a very soggy night under a tarp. Leaving the tent packed to facilitate a quick exit was a mistake, it hammered down and both Harry and I were drenched through. The tarp pooled mini buckets all night long and each time one of us moved, we had cascades of water descending on one or both of us, which by 5 am had lost it's comedy value.

We caught the last of the flood around Malin Head - it stopped about 5 miles after Malin, the wind turned and opposed us throughout the rest of the day. In fact after a further 5 miles or so, we needed a breather so we pulled our kayaks up a small fishing slip and raided the local store. Two bananas, 4 bars of chocolate, 2 chicken and veg pies, 4 bags of crisps, 4 coffees and 2 cheese and ham sandwiches later we were ready to continue. 

The wind, like a steady leak in our bucket of energy, it managed to drain us dry and as we crossed the mouth of Lough Foyle we decided to pull our kayaks ashore for the day, at a beach just opposite a military firing range. 
Some might say - a perfect spot for a surrender...

A message for Steve, cheers for your generous sponsor of a £1 per kilometre for our longest day paddle - quick question for you - is that for the longest day achieved over any 24 hour period or from 12 midnight to the following 12 midnight? If so I think the longest day so far is 110 kilometre. My spot locator sends location spots throughout the day to John Willacey from Performance Paddling and so we can check with John. If the conditions allow we will be happy to try and exceed that - would anyone else out there like to challenge Harry to do the same, that way we are both in the same boat so to speak?


  1. it's a strategic withdrawal. if you were french it would be a surrender.

  2. "We shall not flag nor fail. We shall go on to the end." WC
    Game on--I will match Steve's donation in American dollars for the longest day and he can choose the parameters of the longest day. I'll trust you to let us know the mileage. Best get to paddling, Harry!

  3. Sorry you are having such a tough time. I have never been convinced on the dryness of tarps.

  4. ok we got another one well done happy for you to set the 24 hour period how you want so go for it....
    Oh and no sympathy for the tarp if it was put up right it wouldnt have leaked! ;)

  5. Great, what fun! I like midnight to midnight--it has a touch of poetry about it. 110 km. is going to be hard to beat I think. Let us know Mr. Willacey!