Wednesday, 11 May 2011

DAY 20: The Good, The Bad and......

After a good nights kip on a cobble beach just outside of Larne we crossed this morning to Island Magee; once more punching the tide until we reached the new Boathouse facility at Whitehead.  We were kindly allowed to rest there and dry our kit out whilst waiting for the tide to turn and hopefully the wind to ease, as we cross Belfast Lough.  

The wonders of modern technology- through the SPOT, we are able  to keep people updated on our position, not only for our safety but also to authenticate our journey. I spoke to John Willacy, who is officially tracking our journey, and he has asked me to stop and take a photo at each headland as we go, which is not a problem. I've guestomated that per image, this adds at least 90 seconds to our record, so if any of you boys and girls out there are going to have a crack at this in the future (and it is well worth the crack) then bear this in mind! 

Joking aside - whoever it was that took the Spot and the rest of our gear - we hope your need turns out to be greater than greed and it serves you well. We know, by our experience of the last two [plus] weeks of paddling in the Emerald Isle, your eejet nature is not the norm amongst your fellow countrymen. Many thanks to  Dave, Raymond and the club members at County Antrim Yacht club for the use of your fine new boathouse, we hope to run into you one day.

Jeff and Harry 


  1. if the boats are stolen, you're expected to finish up swimming.

  2. Good going Lads. Hard days. Deep Blue Sea Kayaking would be happy to sponsor Harry €1 per km for his longest day. We don't mind what criteria you use, just as long it's longer than Jeff's! Des