Friday, 8 April 2011

Pina Colada's in Ireland and a Mule to support us on the way..........

We had some great news today.......

On the last leg of the Scandinavian expedition, Jim Frampton, one of the team, got in touch with
'Mule Bar' an energy fuel company specialising in 'Adventure fuel' for outdoorsmen. These energy bars are fantastic, they certainly kept us well fuelled in sub zero temperatures and strong winds North of the Arctic Circle and were a fantastic addition to our on the water energy needs, not only were they great fuel, they are super tasty too.

Mango Tango..........Hunza Nut.......Pina Colada.......Liquorice......Chocolate Fig Fiesta are just some of the flavours available.

Mango Tango and Pina Colada's were my favourite bars by far and I am looking forward to introducing Harry to these. If he's not cooking on the Black Gold that is. I have the feeling that with all of the training Harry's been putting in on the Thames it will be me, needing the extra energy and I will have to be rationing these out with a little bit of extra fuel going my way.

Anyway Mike Story sent me an email today to say that the Mule Bar team were on board for the
'Around Ireland Expedition' and were going to be able to offer us product support us for our challenge, so from team Expedition Paddler, to team Mule Bar, a really big thank you.

We shall be stocking Mule Bars at our new shop at 'Sea Kayaking Cornwall' so if your ever down this way and fancy a nibble, call in and we shall see what we have in stock for you to try, great emergency food and also great for refuelling when your burning the calories.

Another big thank you to Mark Sundin and Rob Mercer of Expedition Kayaks in Sydney, Australia for their recent donation to the OVA, cheers guys....

Harry, Jeff and Chris

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