Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Chris is out?!*^~

Received some bad news yesterday, Chris has had to pull out of the 'Around Ireland' expedition. Problems of a personal nature are keeping him in Thailand. I called Mike up at Rockpool to let him know as Chris's Expedition spec Taran had just recently been completed.
Solid gent that Mike is, he has agreed to hold on to the boat until the end of the month in case Chris's situation changes in the interim.
Both Harry and I are sad about this turn in events, although neither of us have paddled with Chris, we had heard only good stuff about him as a bloke and a paddler.
So now, although the dynamics of the team have been reduced by a third both Harry and I are still just as committed to giving this our best shot. With only a couple of weeks before we will be setting off last minute preps are being undertaken daily.
Good luck with life in warmer climes Chris, looking forward to seeing you in Cornwall soon enough.

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