Monday, 28 March 2011


In 2004, whilst circumnavigating the Islands of Japan, Hadas and I were both hosted by the club members of Sendai Kayak club, a region which was severely damaged by the recent earthquake and subsequent Tsunami. Last week I contacted a friend in Tokyo, Jogo-San- to try and find out news regarding survivors of this ordeal, he had received news from Sada-San the lady who first greeted us from the club to say that she was ok, but there had been no news so far from any other club member. The Tsunami is a massive human tragedy on a global scale, and the potential loss of so many active sea kayakers is also a massive lost to us as a sea kayaking community. 
Last week we decided to contact Eiichi Ito of Qajaq Japan to see if we could in some small way help and have since decided to dedicate the 'Around Ireland' expedition to trying to raise funding for relief and support for the people of Japan. By clicking on the link below you can follow methods by which you can help to support casualties and victims of this monumental disaster. 

We shall still be representing Ovarian Cancer Action as well and this link and the just giving page will remain active.


  1. Hi Jeff,
    Thank you for your kindness. We Japanese will rise again surely!
    And I'll pray success of your expedition.
    Good luck!

    Keep in touch
    Eiichi ;-)

  2. Well done, an excellent way for paddlers to throw their support behind Japan during these terrible times. Cheers - FP