Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Looking West

Chris will shortly be arriving in the UK, this will be the first time that the team will all be in the UK at the same time and hopefully we shall also be hooking up at Simon's Kayakathon in London on the 17 April.

There has been a marked difference in all of our training patterns, Harry has been paddling against the flow of 'Old Father Thames' whilst I have been trying to squeeze training in amongst coaching and odd jobbing around the new business premises we've recently taken on.
Much of my training has consisted of early morning swims, ergo sessions and time in the surf, Harry put me onto the swimming and it proved to be a good investment, I hope......Chris on the other hand has been sunning it up in Thailand, leading a laid back life in wamer climes?
Personally I think Chris is probably the dark horse in this three legged race around the Emerald Isle, I think he's probably been piling in the miles and then climbing masts to condition the traps.

Anyway, regardless of our training, the time is gradually drawing in, the start line is looming and before we know it, we'll be s------g ourselves out back of some gnarly surf zone egging each other on to land first and get the kettle on, wondering just what the hell we signed up for....

Hey ho, not long now lads and away we go


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