Thursday, 17 March 2011

Harry and Brandon 'The Crow'

This footage is from when Jeff came up to London last week. I surfed the Taran after paddling it for an hour or so with its plastic covering on. Honestly this boat is very different than any boat I have paddled before. if you look at the video for the first 40 seconds the rudder is down and the trim is obvious, once the rudder is lifted the boat behaves differently. 

The nose clears the water and the boat is no longer stern hung on its rudder, the hull is planing hard as both bow and stern lift. Working the blades the boat behaves like a race horse, edging and leaning the ride is fast and exciting, as long as you have positive control. Surfing is all about you the boat and the wave. In my world here in London the waves are often man made, if your going to play on their wave you have to be confident and proficient and I cannot emphasise enough the latter. Other than wash hanging the week has been full of exciting boats, hover crafts and even saving Brandon the crow, I will up date soon.



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