Thursday, 10 March 2011

Thunder on the Thames

 Harry's present yesterday, a brand new shiny Taran.
Harry in his new Taran, all wrapped up and no where to go

 I have known Harry for the last eight years or so, in that time he has managed to put a hole in almost every kayak I have leant to him, in fact on one occasion he even managed to knock the bow off of one and on another he came home with an Explorer I had leant him with no fewer than 6 holes. So when I took him his brand new Taran for our Ireland expedition I also mentioned that it came with instructions from both Mike and John at the Rockpool factory.

 'Look after it, please!'

Harry took this to heart and for the first hour refused to even take it out of the wrapping, it wasn't until he spied the Thames refueller some distance off down river that it all became to much and ripping the polythene clear he made a hasty dash for his new wing paddles and steamed off after its wash.
Harry soon became just a mere speck in the distance, bobbing around in the wake and heading inland at a rapid rate of knots.

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