Friday, 4 March 2011

First proper salty swim

I took my first proper open water swim of the season yesterday, Swanpool beach to Maenporth Cove, just over a mile away to the west.
Several days of Nor -easterlies had a nice ground swell running into Falmouth Bay, certainly a lot more movement than the pool at Helston has to offer. It was also considerably colder, the water temperatures have been at around 9 degrees C lately and this certainly kept me moving throughout the time I was in the water.
The first half mile went well, my technique felt sound, concentrating on high elbows and good catch and I seemed to be making sound progress; swimming in a wet suit felt alien however, especially after spending so much time in the pool these last few months - Legs floating abnormally high and restricted shoulders started to inhibit me as I rounded Penance Point, only to be greeted by glaringly bright sunlight in my eyes. Now where's that coastline I asked my self?

Luckily I had Debs along in her slalom kayak, taking a few piccies, she kept on telling me when I was wandering to far off course, which occurred several times over the next three quarters of a mile.

Eventually I made it to Maenporth Beach, landing with wobbly legs through the surf, boy was I cold, I decided to jog back along the coast path to Swanpool to try and warm up, but the jog lasted all of two minutes before I was picking my way gingerly through the pebbles.


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  1. I am waiting until water temp reaches 10 before I leave the pool for the open sea. Well done.Barbara,X