Friday, 15 April 2011

Look what Lizzie found?

Seven days to go now, this time next week we should be on our way, Harry and I are cross referencing each other daily with last minute details, such as

'Have you seen that low pressure system forming south east of Newfy?'

Yes we are paying careful attention to the weather and the west coast, as we don't know exactly where we are starting our journey from. The west coast, if the conditions look right, may be our first section on the journey, at the moment there is a 17' swell forecast for our first day on the water - a serious cause for concern, if we need to land on the beach. But, if so, we'll be leaving from Dublin or maybe Rosslare, who knows, a lot can happen in the next seven days.

I spoke to Harry just ten minutes ago, he was busy training in his local, sampling the Guinness with a good friend of his, who came on the phone with a reassuring comment-

'I hope you feeling strong Jeff, cos Harry's training like a right animal'

I can well believe this as he's been calling me daily at 5am, as he makes his way through London to his launch site where he puts in two hours of training on a daily basis on the Thames before he starts work.

I got home this evening to find Lizzie had also been hard at work, she has managed to secure us food for the journey from 'Look what we found' - great food for an expedition like this; this is a great boost to the expedition as now we know we can feed ourselves well, alongside the occasional pint of the black stuff.

We shall be burning around 7-8000 calories per day, you could say Harry, being slightly lighter than I, will burn slightly less, but then he's also got to work twice as hard, as his arms are much shorter than mine........ joking aside, what with the 'Mule Bars' and now the 'Look what we found' team on board, we know we have no excuses regarding fuel.

5 days and counting folks :)

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