Thursday, 5 May 2011

DAY 14 : To cross or not to cross..?

This is the last spot I recieved from Jeff and Harry at 6.23am today. The last word, last night, whilst they were preparing to sleep under a curragh, is that they are attempting the crossing today....... wind forecast doesn't look particularly favourable, no news yet.,-9.38959&ll=54.30135,-9.38959&ie=UTF8&z=12&om=1

Lizzie (Jeff's wife)


  1. lizzie last spot i got looks like they had about 20 km to go to complete crossing which i think will be between 1700 to 1830 gmt

  2. Also wind easing up a bit for the next hours to around 10 knots

  3. Hey Guys, looks like you are having fun!!! shame you are trying to go fast there are some great caves on that coast line.
    look forward to the next post, stay safe.

  4. Thanks Karel, just got the last spot...looks like they made it :))