Wednesday, 4 May 2011

DAY 13 : Unlucky 13...more Wind Woes....

We thought yesterday was hard, we'd experienced nothing in comparison to today. We are now at Beldereg after a three hour, 5 mile kicking from the wind. At Illmaster Head we paused and considered our options - outside or through the gap? The spume streaked down the faces of the waves on the outside, but through the gap the wind was accelerating so strong that the water was blowing horizontally off the crests. We opted for the inside. We were on the edge of our comfort zone and desperately want to make progress, but today its so marginal, if we f**k up, it's a major problem in these winds. 

Harry goes first through the gap, he stalls, all forward motion stops even though he's throwing back spadesfull of salt water my way, I edge past him but get stalled myself seconds later. I grip the water, waiting for the wind to ease, it doesn't and I'm blown backwards, bracing on my blade, praise be to Lendal - what a solid blade Alistair developed. 

What a day already!


  1. Not a good place to be. From forecast it looks as if it will ease off a little from tomorrow afternoon until Saturday. Good luck

  2. Please God the winds will calm a bit by the weekend or at the very least swing back to a SW direction. Hopefully it will be at your backs with a nice running sea for a few days !!!!

  3. Hey Harry, Long time no hear and now I see you're going around again, Still have that kayak you got for your first trip hanging up in my shed, must patch it up and get out in it again sometime. You're doing some crazy mileage at the moment, take it easy going across to Donegal, don't go taking any chances, it's a long way and those Slieve League cliffs never seem to get any closer. Take care. Pat

  4. Following your progress with awe. Keep your spirits up, youre doing great. Just think that all your kayaking experience allows you to do this and succeed. All the best . Steve