Saturday, 28 May 2011

Moving On

It has been an interesting few months since Harry, Chris and I began to plan our 'Around Ireland' expedition, sadly Chris didn't make it due to personal reasons - maybe next time mate. We had a great time training and planning the journey and what a journey it was - both inside and out.  It's amazing how far we travel on journeys such as these and the things we learn along the way - I always feel it's a privilege to share time with a friend on such a journey, there's no hiding yourself and you see both the best and the worst of the man or women you travel with, both a privilege.

My wife said to me the other day that I was hard to live with after returning home, more than usual, she said it was to do with the wind? 'What the early morning wind, whilst sitting on the loo?' I asked. Not amused, she replied
'... I meant the wind in Ireland, all that energy that you absorbed is still with you - your body won't rest until it has passed through you'.

She's right; I've found it harder to settle this time than ever before. So with the Irish wind still soaring through my veins, I'm thinking of heading back up to northern Norway in a couple of weeks to try and get around Nordkap and finish off the Northern part of Norway, so I can crack into the overland section next spring, with Nick Arding.

All of my usual paddling partners are otherwise engaged so I guess it will be a solo journey this time. From now on, I shall be updating the Expedition Paddler blog and archiving the 'Around Ireland' blog. So you will be able to read about our preparations for 'Around Britain' from there and about Harry's antics up on the Thames. You'll also be able to read about Vaughan’s trials and tribulations in making the DVD 'Into the Wind' as well as other such adventures that team Expedition Paddler will be getting up to.

Our next post will be at where we shall hopefully share a journey or two with you once more.


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