Wednesday, 25 May 2011

'Into the Wind' DVD trailer

Hey there folks, Vaughan Roberts from Romany Productions has just sent me a short trailer for the DVD he is producing on the 'Around Ireland 2011' expedition. The DVD will be titled 'Into the Wind' and you can view the trailer by clicking on the image above.

The DVD will not only be about the expedition but will also provide an insight into Vaughan's own journey around the Emerald Isle.

At the moment, the Romany Productions' web designer is creating an order page for the web site, but if anyone feels as excited about this project as we are and is enticed into watching more then you can place an order direct by emailing Vaughan at:           

In team Expedition Paddler's endeavour to support the Ovarian Cancer Action charity, Vaughan has agreed that £1.00 from every DVD sale will go direct to the OCA charity.

The DVD will be going on sale at £19.99


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