Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Life's good in the tropics

Hi Jeff, Harry
                         Just a quick update, training is going ok but I have not been able to paddle as much as I would have liked.

 I am not getting in as many miles as I would have liked, Paddling to work, which is about a 4 mile run or so, then I paddle back home again after work.

I am planning on pushing my Training route out and around a few nearby islands, to see if my times can be improved upon. I had a bad day a few days ago when I paddled out to Koi Myton, an island off Phuket, it's only 8 miles away but it took me 3 hours and 35mins to complete. A strong head wind and a choppy sea slowing me down, I was looking forward to a good surf home on the return leg, but the wind died down and the sea with it so no joy there, a real bummer.

Upon hitting the beach I was cheered up by what appeared to be a Ukrainian, Spaghetti and postage stamp club on the beach, one of the perks of Thai life. 


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