Thursday, 24 February 2011

Draw back of training in the city

I have been training well for the last 10 days now getting up early, dropping into to London on the ebb, in the dark and then wash hanging the morning ferry as it chugs its way down to Putney to collect the suits that work in the city.

If I get it right its a 3 to 4 mile surf, working the bow wave of the ferry or on Tuesdays surfing the Thames refuelling barge.

Wash hanging is fun but it takes a lot of concentration and building up professional relationships with the skilled skippers who navigate this ancient tideway. Unfortunatlly with the heavy rain comes the sewage, last year the tidal Thames got 34 million cubic meter's  of sewage pumped into the river, which believe it or not is perfectly legal (pumping shit into the river).

If the water quality is bad its not worth going on the river, but then I head over to the pool and burn off my frustration.
The Thames is a fantastic training ground, in the next 10 years our Victorian sewage problem will be solved but till then on bad days I affectionally know it as my river of shit, which I feel is sad for such a great water way.



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