Monday, 10 January 2011

'When Harry met Taran'

Image & film courtesy of Vaughan Roberts of Romany Productions
Met up with Harry yesterday and he instantly started to examine the lines of the Taran. I could see he was itching to get in and go for a blast, so this morning after a healthy dose of coffee, the need for caffeine bought about by the previous evenings activities we set off down river towards the city. I gave Harry my Epic Wings so that he could kill two birds with one stone, eager to find a wing that suits him for 'Around Ireland'. 

The smile on his face gave me a good indication as to his thoughts on the boat, as he went haring off after the Thames River police launch, in fact he was like a rat up a sewer pipe on every launch that welcomed him aboard their wash. Vaughan from Romany productions and I didn't see Harry for the next half hour as he disappeared into the distance, taken away at about 14 knots, not in handcuffs but certainly locked into a watery groove just feet away from their transom. 

Harry eventually returned and Vaughan and I joined him on the water, once more setting off down river. Vaughan now had the chance to film both Harry and I taking it in turns wash hanging the power boat. Harry, being somewhat shorter than I could not reach the foot pedals to control the rudder but this didn't seem to hinder him much when it came to controlling the boat on the face of the wave, in fact both Vaughan and I were incredibly impressed at Harry's skill and agility when only inches away from a propellor blade.

Harry's verdict on the Taran? A resounding 'Thumbs up' 

Commenting about just how well the boat surfs I could tell that he was happy with converting to Rockpool, and asked me if I could take his Rapier away with me.

We both ended the day with a swim in Chelsea swimming pool and now having a refreshing pint of beer in his local boozer.

Cheers for now


P.S Don't try this at home

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