Thursday, 6 January 2011

Training paddle 6th Jan

After 6 days of sailing with clients, I felt an easy paddle was in order, so I set off early to cross to Koi Miy Ton,  paddling into a head wind of about 8 to 10 knots, nice and cool; over heating is my biggest problem. As the island slowly grew closer the wind picked up and I was glad to make land fall. 

After a 10 min rest I had to decide whether I paddle around the island as planned or go straight back before the wind and seas became worse.

Believing that Ireland will be windy and rough most of the time, I set off around Koi Miy Ton. Only 3 miles ish .... 2hours 17 minutes later I finished! I managed to average approximately 1 knot, whoopee! Another rest, then off home, the return paddle consisted of low braces, stern rudders and the odd forward stroke; passing a friend in the bay who was setting a second Anchor for his boat, he watched laughing, and shouted, 'you should have checked the weather', I returned his greeting with a friendly F*** O**, I was again, glad to make land fall.

A school boy error, I didn't bother with a forecast and paddled into a well forecasted front. 

Chris should have been in a Taran :) 

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