Monday, 27 December 2010

Boat ,pool and bar but not a beer in sight!

Yesterday was boxing day and it was cold, i did 2 x 6 mile paddles both against the tide, out with it and back against. on the first paddle the temperature was so low that the beads of water off the paddle tips were freezing on the fore deck , when I got off the water the whole rear deck had a coating of ice from the rear of the cockpit to the stern. At least I had a option today the 27th and headed into the pool to train, I like cross training especially in the pool. Over the past few weeks my swimming fitness has been getting better and today i took hand paddles along with my pull buoy and training fins. crawling for 1 km then using fins and kick board and finally finishing by using the hand paddles, after an hour in the pool I felt I had done a good work out. I have moved away from using wings in my kayak however swimming with the hand paddles feels very similar to a work out in a kayak with large wing blades. After a  shower I headed to the bar not for a pint but to do some stretching and chin ups on the out door gym in battersea park. Tomorrow it will be warmer and I will get back into the boat.


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