Monday, 2 May 2011

DAY 11 : Weather we will or weather we won't..

Beautiful day, gorgeous scenery but too much wind for us. Off shore, gusting 30 knots and straining every muscle and joint that's already been strained too much in the last few weeks. We are now pulled out on the slip way at French Port waiting for an opportunity to either get around Erris Head or if the wind swung to the south west we would cross straight to Donegal from here. 
We have made a mistake in our previous update-referring to where we are as the Fannad Peninsular; Harry was quoting me from memory of 11 years ago when he was last here. A lot of Gluiness has flowed beneath his bridge since then and it's actually the Erris or Mullet Peninsular. 


  1. Keep on rockin', guys !!! You're doing great ! Davy

  2. good luck gents....nav via harry's guiness goggles might be less effective than you'd hoped. have fun!

  3. keep up the hard work. excellent progress. Glad you all enjoyed the stop over at Fahamore. Harold & Betty

  4. Best of luck to you both - Donegal beautiful and challenging, hope you have the weather to enjoy it!
    - Mal & Catherine (DogsBay)

  5. hope you get to travel from Erris Head to Easkey. The scenery at Downpatrick is the best you will see around the entire country. I circumnavigated ireland by kayak with a couple of mates of mine in the summer (so called summer)of 2007. unforgettable experience. Best of luck and i will be keeping an irish eye on your progress.