Sunday, 22 May 2011

Home time blues

We have been home several days now and it's great! Well sort of great - lovely to see family and friends, familiar places, but some things are missing. Numb fingers and toes have turned to pins and needles and as the adrenaline in our tissues has diminished, the pain is surfacing -  reminding Harry and I where we were just a few short days ago. Our Taran's have returned home to North Wales and not having one nearby feels strange; not that we could paddle them, doctors orders - rest and keep the hands dry until our blisters heal. The aftermath of an expedition which was so all consuming, is trying to nestle back down into normality again, the truth is I think Harry and I both wish we were still out there paddling.

I suppose the only thing we can do is to plan another expedition, I have to return to Norway and try and get my self around Nordkap, so I have that to look forward to but Harry and I are just starting to enter into the planning stages of an 'Around Britain & Ireland' for 2013. We have an idea that we may be able to combine both land masses and still possibly better the record which stands at 80 days for around Britain, but we are not sure what the record for both is - does anyone have any ideas?.

In the mean time I had better start working on my forward paddling stroke, meanwhile Harry leaves sunny Cornwall today and heads home to London; tomorrow he will be paddling on the Thames once more, dreaming of distant shores.

Espie - Harry's girfriend pulling Harry out the pub...again

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  1. Oh well Jeff that's the way it goes untill the next time ,have a good one :-)