Sunday, 15 May 2011

Day 24 continues...

Hi guys, all we can say is sorry for anyone who turns up tonight at the Cliff House Hotel. We never made it. The moral of this story is 'never count your chickens, before they've hatched!'
We have however just completed our longest day. It’s been a hard 29 hours of paddling, leaving from Bray at 10 am yesterday, we have battled our way towards Ardmore, violent squalls, foul tide and now today,  strong headwinds have hampered our progress back to our finish point. We have just landed through dumping surf on the beach
Opposite Keeragh Islands, it's 1540 pm and we are 15 kilometres short of Hook Head, not sure what the distance is so I shall let the guys who sponsored our longest day measure it out,. I asked Harry to land further up the beach than me Des, so yes, he did go a little further than I did. We hope to make Ardmore tomorrow, but the weather isn't looking good:( going to sleep now as we are shattered
Jeff and Harry


  1. You guys are so amazing!! Been following the blog religiously. You are almost there!!!!! Rest and sleep well for now.

    Harry here's a kiss for you x

  2. Hi bro well done to you both ye have done amazing, have sent dad some pocket money to buy you both many pints of black gold!!!
    Enjoy take care

  3. Hi Lads, have been watching your progress around the coast with total awe. You are both a credit to the sport....WELL DONE !! Please god the winds and sea will be at your stern for the last leg !!

  4. Well done Lads! Amazing distances, especially given the crappy wind. A headland-headland from Bray to the Keeraghs is around 150km so I'm happy to donate €175 as I'm sure Harry went around Tuskar and the Saltees. Good luck tomorrow - a tough 75km with those westerlies. The tide off Waterford Harbour is west-going from 0945. Off Mine Head it's west-going until about 1515. Enjoy the party!

  5. Incredible stuff - again. Fantastic effort guys. Good luck on the final push.

  6. An awesome job in the truest sense, you guys! Magnificent work! Good luck on your final leg--you're almost there! Much admiration and envy at what you've accomplished.
    Can one of the admin folks post a longest day number when they've got a chance? Oh, by the way, I'm not a guy, but an envious gal in the States ;-)

  7. i think we're going to need deep pockets tiffany....
    awesome effort chaps....did i say kilometers?