Wednesday, 27 April 2011

DAY 6 : Spanish Point

We left a little later than normal after saying goodbye to Harrys parents and set off paddling North. The crossing of the Shannon Estuary was uneventful, little wind and no Dolphins, swell has dropped to about two meters. The tide was in our favour and our progress was good the until about 3pm when we had to head in to find the eddy line out of the flow. By late afternoon we had reached Mutton Island and decided to stop for a stretch. We had arranged with Vaughan to try and time our journey along the Cliffs of Moher for when he would be in position, but if we continued on now it would be dark; feeling tired we chose to head in to Spanish Point for the evening.

Still some decent sized sets of surf coming through but the landing went ok. Now laying in my bivvy by the beach, alarm went off ten minutes ago telling me to get up; thick fog and the sound of surf greet us, as well as a wet smelly jelly and some fleece leggings (also wet). Porridge, coffee and off around to the Aran Islands, fog how I hate fog, especially when there's surf and a beautiful coast to paddle, we should have continued on last night....

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