Thursday, 21 April 2011

Last minute thankyou and accreditations before we depart

Hey guys, we just wanted to say thank you to several people before we depart tomorrow morning

Firstly there is Karel from Israel. Karel has agreed to provide us with regular weather updates as we proceed, for more info on his speciality you can look at

Finally I would like to say a personal thank you to my wife, Lizzie, she has been a massive support for not only me, but the team as well, helping out with the updates, seeking sponsorship and now facing the next five weeks alone whilst I pursue my dreams, thank you x


  1. What time are you departing, high tide is around 9.00 am.

  2. Missed you this morning by 10 mins, didn't get to Ardmore until 6.10am. I will be in West Cork (Bantry) on Saturday night / Sunday morning if you're camping nearby I might call down and take a few photos.