Monday, 25 April 2011

DAY 4: Emotional rollercoaster

We left this morning at about 8am, big seas were forecasted and strong winds from the North East. We were not disappointed; yesterday the seas were big, but today they had increased by several meters with a much greater volume.

As we paddled out from Dursey Island we were faced with swells of about 4 meters in height which grew as we ventured north. After twenty minutes of paddling through confused clapping wave action we found that although the predominant swell direction was from the north west, we actually found that the reflected swell which was coming directly from behind, was beginning to organise itself and we managed to surf this opposing wave action for at least four miles. The Taran is proving itself to be a very worthy boat, today we just got a glimpse of what it's capable of in very challenging conditions. Consistent runs of 6 knots were common and several runs of up to 10 knots.

As were passed Dolas Head the swells exploding against the shore were impressive, until the wind forced us to concentrate. Strong squalls from the north east kept us pinned behind Puffin Island for a 30 minute reprieve, we decided to knock the day on the head at Valencia Island; but not before having to pass the bar between Puffin Island and the mainland. The bar at low tide has only two metres of water above it and the swells were closing out regulary across it; we were too tired to go around the island and the force the wind, so we took our chances and ended the day on an adrenaline rush through further big seas and chaotic conditions. Knackered.

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Jeff and Harry refuelling for tomorrow's crossing to the Dingle Peninsular, a prize for anyone who can guess who is who behind the jerry cans of black gold

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  1. Yeah boys, keep her going

    Wishing you the best for the trip, enjoy the ride Deb