Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Bouncing down the Thames

It's been windy here in London for the last few days and today I paddled against the incoming tide to Tower Bridge and back. 
Heading east I had the wind behind me, the kayak was surging on the waves, which were building up where the river reaches were exposed to the full force of the wind. Under the bridge arches with the tide in full flood I was having a great time. I waited for the ferries to proceed through the bridge arches and then followed them; wash bouncing off the walls and hitting the kayak from all angles. Using wings the trick is to keep the kayak moving fast, surfing from wave to wave edging and leaning with out using any ruddering stroke, it was so warm I took off my cag to lose the heat I was generating.

When I turned to head home I had the flood accompanying me; however as I battled into a strong head wind, whilst cag less, I rapidly chilled off .  The bridge arches which were previously fun were now like a wind tunnel, paddling into a icy blast with the kayak plunging and kicking up water. Finding a quiet eddy out of the wind I put my cag back on; 4.5 miles later I was back at base. 

I have been using my epic wings for a while now but feel its time for a change and will be getting out my Lendal Archipelago's, also have heard from Rock pool that my Taran will be ready in the next few days, tomorrow I will be back on the river, the days are getting longer and life is good.


PS Jeff just called to say my yellow and white Taran has just been popped out of the mould :)

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