Sunday, 16 January 2011

Stiff Legs and a paddle with Rob Feloy


I have had a couple of emails recently from Mick O'Meara and Dermot Blount, both wishing us good luck for the challenge and an offer of support when we are in their vicinity. Great to know guys, so thank you from us all.
Mick also gave me some sound advice for training - the need to focus on core development, so yesterday, for the first time in several years I headed down to the gym with my wife and she started me on a core development programme. Lizzie is an osteopath and personal trainers and also knows when I am slacking. She didn't spare the rod and I suffered, waking up this morning with stiff legs.  We should have warmed down and stretched; I hear you say....we did, I'm blaming it on being almost 9 years the wrong side of forty. Anyway we concentrated on starting to develop what Liz termed  the spiral chain of muscles which are so integral to our paddling. We finished off with some rowing to warm down and then stretching out on the mat. I have my work cut out.
Looking forward to catching up with you, Mick and Dermot on the trip

Rob Feloys new C-Trek 16
In the afternoon I met up with Rob Feloy, designer of numerous kayaks including one of my all time favourites the Inuk. Rob has just redesigned the C-Trek, now coming in at 16'5".
Conditions were good if not a tad windy, SSW F6 but mainly off shore, localised wind eddies altered direction slightly and there was a two to three foot ground swell wrapping up from around Manacle Point.
I was really impressed with the C-Trek 16 I've got to say, probably something to do with Rob's background of being a naval architect, his designs come straight off the drawing board rather than someone else’s idea being chopped apart, sort of copied and then filled and faired to create something termed as a new design. The kayak is going to hit the market in the very near future and I'm sure will do well as it was very fast, easily as fast as most 17'-18' kayaks on the market but also turns on a sixpence and very stable as is the larger C-Trek. It will in my mind make an excellent kayak for rock hopping and guiding. Good luck Rob, I hope it does well mate and a big thank you to Gordon, Joan and Roger for supporting us in supporting the Ovarian Cancer Action charity


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