Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Training in Thailand

Tuesday 21st: Went for a training paddle today in my trusty Nordkapp , wishing it was a Taran or as it was calm maybe Harry's Rapier a very sharp looking boat. I paddled from the house across the bay and around Koi Lon then crossing to Coral Island for a Coke and a rest, setting off again,  getting hot now the sun is fully up-it's 1100hrs and I am sat in a puddle of sweat, going into melt down- around Coral Island and back to Koi Lon and finally back home , now a bit sun burnt as I did not bother with sun block (big mistake i should know better). Standing in the shower in the garden i realy wish i was with Jeff upside down in a Cornish wave (bet that was cold). Chris

Images to follow  

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